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What Are People Saying?

Melody James McFarlane

"I love it!! I got 8 rsvps today for the online wrap party"


Veronica Johnson

"Ok so I am usually just a "viewer" in this group. But I wanted to share with you my recent experience with the body wrap party website! I received a phone call from an unfamiliar number yesterday an it was a young lady from Brush Prarie, WA! She actually googled body wrap and my site came up!! She is now my most recent distributor!! I live in Virgina!!
This site have given me a few loyal customers in the past, but to get a distributor was a first! I am so glad I decided to commit to using the site! I send every potential that I have to it! Thank you Robert Anderson for creating an awesome site for us!! It Works!!"

Emily Wrapitoffwithme
"Just got an LC from my wrap party site...she had been thinking about trying our stuff, messaged me a couple times but got an email today about the online party coming up and asked if she had to wait to order until the party and ended up ordering tonight....glad the site does the following up and gentle reminders!!! Thanks!"

Joy Storey
"I am headed out of town today a lady calls me to get a wrap from me for her online party today. She is not on my Facebook but her cousins neighbor is and saw it by chance then joined Facebook to get the link to join the party. I just met her on the side of the highway in between cities an she is 77 years old."

Barbara J Peterson

I Love My Online Body Wrap Parties allows me to Give people a Party where ever they are. Just recently, a gal found my It Works! web site via the map on the It Works! Global site...she ordered but didn't know what to do after that...wala...Online Body Wrap Parties to the rescue...Now she is a Happy Loyal Customer!

JoJo Warren

"I love the site. You've done such a great job. I used this site to send a new prospect for the business and she signed up with me Saturday after looking at our body wrap party site and especially the step 4 page. She said it really gave her allot of helpful information to help her make her decision and by the time we talked Saturday, she was already ahead of the same and knew allot more that I thought she would. So thank you."