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My Name is Robert Anderson and I am going to be holding your hand getting started. Our entire team and I will be working together to help you have fun planning your business to help you work your new business into your life and available time. We know everyone has different priorities and we firmly believe this business can work for anyone.


Bonuses and incentives change all the time! Ask for the current incentives, bonuses.

Most of all... you are supported and cared for as you get started and continue to grow. Write my phone number down and call me anytime. It is 727 479-2991.


How Can You Promote The Products And The Opportunity?

The Applicator lends itself to online and home parties as well as to retail promotion and has a wide open market for you to introduce the product line to. . spas, salons, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc. This means you no longer have to pressure friends or family to try the product. We provide all the support, training, and access to all the marketing materials you need to be successful with marketing to any or many target markets.

What About Salons? How does it work there?

 Yes It is a great add-on product or service for Salons, apparel stores, Spas, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers and more!



Robert  Anderson

Diamond Distributor

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Here is why the It Works! Global opportunity is such an Amazing Opportunity:

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Home and Online Parties:

There are millions of people all around the world doing home party plans and they spend a ton of money trying to keep up with ever-changing products as they LUG the stuff to parties! A select few do well.

The It Works! Global products do not keep changing every few months and so you will not be spending your profits to keep up with the ever changing products. You do not need to LUG anything with you when you do parties! Everything fits in one bag.

The market is amazing and continues to expand. How many people do you know that would like to address any area of their body and measure results in as little as 45 minutes?

With It Works! Global you get all the amazing products, freedom and fun of a home party plan, but you get an amazing pay plan, support system and none of the strict requirements to stay active often imposed with home party plans.

Unlike most party plans with It Works! Global your party hostess nor you have to deliver product to fill orders from your party. All products are shipped directly to the customers and all card processing is handled by the company for you. This way you are able to focus on your next party instead of your last! You have to love it!

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Start changing peoples lives both physically and financially, starting with yours! Start your extra income stream !

If you need a stream or you need a river of extra income, the sky is the limit! Your income is never capped. You can create an entirely new life style for you and your family.

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